Crime Prevention Unit

The UT Dallas Police Department is staffed by dedicated Texas certified peace officers and highly qualified public safety officers. A majority of employees have prior law enforcement and/or military experience prior to joining the UT Dallas law enforcement team. This previous experience and the on-going training the officers receive ensure the students and staff of UT Dallas are treated with courtesy, professionalism, and respect.

The UT Dallas Police Department strives to have a close working relationship with the students and staff here on campus. The Crime Prevention Unit offers many free programs that are available upon request or by stopping by in person at the Police Department, located on the north side of Parking Lot A. Listed below are descriptions for several of these programs.

Operation Identification

This program has been around for years and is basically a self-generated crime deterrent. The property owner may use a blank piece of paper, a computer storage file, or sheet that can be picked up at the Police Department to write down all valuable items. The information should include the item, the serial number, model number or name, value, color, and size.

The property owner may also check out an engraver from the Police Department for free to place the owner’s driver’s license number or other personal number on the property. This number should also be included on the inventory sheet. The owner then places a copy of the paperwork in a safe location such as a fire safe or a safe deposit box at a bank. Photographs or videos of expensive items such as jewelry are also recommended for future use if needed for the police or insurance claims.

VIN Etching

Every vehicle that is manufactured has a 17 digit serial number known as a VIN or a Vehicle Identification Number. The most common places to find a VIN number are the dashboard by the windshield in front of the driver seat or on the driver door panel on a sticker known at the Nader sticker. It is common for vehicle thieves to remove the VIN numbers or VIN tags from a vehicle to make tracking the vehicle more difficult for law enforcement. The professional car thief wants to avoid having any property or car parts in their shop that could link them to a reported stolen vehicle.

The VIN etching program is a free service where law enforcement officers place your VIN number for your vehicle onto all of the glass windows of the vehicle. This process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and makes your vehicle less desirable to a car thief. You are also eligible to save up to 10 percent on your comprehensive car insurance premium. Many car dealerships offer this same service at a fee to the car owner. The VIN Etching program is held once or twice a year on campus. Contact the Crime Prevention Unit for the next scheduled event.

On another note: Please remove your keys from the ignition of your vehicle. In Texas, one in five cars is stolen because the owner left the keys inside the car. It is a violation of the law to leave your keys inside your ignition. Avoid having your car stolen and possibly receiving a citation by simply removing your keys when you park your car.

R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense Systems

This national program is offered on many campuses across the country including here at UT Dallas. The program is designed for women and is taught by female law enforcement officers. The class is normally scheduled for three nights in a row, once a month. The class is free but you must reserve your space prior to the class date. You may call the UT Dallas Police Department for the next class date, follow our Police Department Facebook page, or fill out the online signup form for more information.

Home Security Surveys

Any resident living on campus may schedule a free home security survey or a security assessment of their home. A basic survey consists of checking the doors, locks, windows, landscaping, lighting, view finder in doors, and fencing. The officer will give home safety tips during the survey to better educate the resident on ways to be safe. For an appointment, please call 972-883-4322.

Alcohol/Drug Awareness

The Crime Prevention Unit works closely with the University Wellness Center and resident sdvisors in conducting drug and alcohol education programs for students, including incoming freshmen. These programs are straight forward programs designed for adults and are conducted in the residence halls.

Other programs include having quest speakers from outside agencies or specialty groups that deal specifically with drugs or alcohol awareness, education, or enforcement.

Student and Staff Safety Escorts around Campus

The UT Dallas Police Department offers free student and staff escorts 24/7 anywhere on campus. This service is also available for student employees who may be working on campus and are working late. An officer, PSO, explorer , or student employee will respond and escort you to your destination. Call UT Dallas Dispatch at 972-883-2222.

Lost and Found

The UT Dallas Police Department has a lost-and-found service at the main police building. If items are misplaced or lost, you may submit an inquiry via the lost and found form on our website. You will be contacted if we locate your item or we need further information about your item.

Emergency Notifications

The UT Dallas Police Department works closely with the campus newspaper, The Mercury, to inform the students and staff of recent criminal activity. The Police Department also has access to an emergency notification system alerting everyone who has registered their cell phone for immediate information in a timely manner. Normal registration for the emergency notification alert is handled at the beginning of every semester.

Emergency Call Boxes

The UT Dallas campus currently has more than 40 emergency call boxes around campus. These boxes are a direct link to the UT Dallas Police Dispatch and are tested once a week. The Crime Prevention Unit coordinates the locations and repairs on the boxes, if needed.

Personal Safety Programs, Safety Fairs, Health Fairs, National Night Out Against Crime

The Crime Prevention Unit is available for many programs that include safety fairs and special events such as "Trunk or Treat," "9-11 Safety/Remembrance Day," and "National Night Out". To schedule a crime prevention officer for your event or program, call 972-883-4322 or email the Crime Prevention Officer, David Spigelmyer at [email protected] or contact Lt. Tim Dorsey at [email protected] or 972-883-2314.