Event Registration Form

The UT Dallas Police welcomes submissions for events from University departments and registered campus organizations. The submission of this form will enable us to assist you in making your event a success! Use this form to make requests for parking needs, unlocks, lockups, guards, and police officers to work your event.

The University of Texas at Dallas
Special Event Overtime General Order


Please check and acknowledge each statement below.

The sponsoring organization or office should complete an Event Registration Form on the UT Dallas Police website, https://www.utdallas.edu/police/eventform.html (this page)
If the sponsor believes that security or police services are needed for the event, such should be noted on the Event Request Form.
Police personnel utilized for special events will be overtime assignments unless determined otherwise by the Chief of Police. The sponsoring organization or office will be charged for this service unless determined otherwise by the Chief of Police.
The average rate of pay for police officers is the running average of overtime which is approximately $45 per hour. The average overtime rate for PSO guards is $25 an hour. If a supervisor is required due to the nature of the event, the rate is higher.
To ensure officer or guard scheduling, requests should be made at least ten (10) business days in advance. Requests received less than 10 business days in advance of the event may not be filled due to insufficient officer availability. If the lack of officers creates a critical security issue, it may impact the scheduling of the event.
All Event Registration Forms are reviewed for security needs. If an event is registered where no security or police services are requested, but the police department believes, based on the nature or size of the event, that security or police services are essential to the safety of those attending, the Chief of Police may make the determination that security and/or police personnel are required. The sponsoring office or organization would be responsible for payment of services.
In order to submit a Special Event Form you must agree to the above procedures.